Conan O’Brien Joins ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2′

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Late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien, will voice a late night talk show host in “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2.” TV Guide is reporting that the popular TBS late night talk show host will voice Dave Endochrine in the DC Comics’ animated adventure. Adapted from Frank Miller’s legendary graphic novel, Endochrine interviews the Joker after his release from Arkham Asylum. O’Brien joins a cast that includes Peter Weller as Batman, Michael Emerson as the Joker, Mark Valley as Superman, Ariel Winter as Robin, David Selby as Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon and Michael McKean as Dr. Wolper, the Joker’s Arkham psychiatrist. “I’ve got a great affection for animation,” O’Brien said. “I’ve always been interested in drawing, and I grew up on the Warner Bros. cartoons — which is where I think I learned a lot of my comedy. I think I got a lot of my comedic timing from the Road Runner and Bugs Bunny cartoons.” “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2″ will be released on Blu-ray DVD, and digital download in early 2013. You can watch the trailer below:

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