Concert Review: Porter Robinson Doesn’t Miss A Beat!


When we arrived to Greystone Manor Nightclub in Los Angeles on October 9th, the German-born opener, Zedd, was spinning tribal-infused EDM mixes for a mellow crowd. Slowly, people made their way to the main floor, just as dance battles began to sprout all over, entertaining and encouraging the audience to join. Go-Go dancers at the opposite end of the stage slinked around burlesque style with newspapers and magazines in hand as their only prop.

Once the young and talented Porter Robinson came on stage, the energy boomed. The youthful crowd, some in rave-esque attire, jumped and fist-pumped, as a way of saluting the electronica artist. Robinson did not miss a beat, within ten minutes, huge gusts of winds were released onto the audience compelling us to close our eyes, only to open them to so much fog you couldn’t see two inches in front of you. This exciting special effect was repeated throughout the night, and the light shows more than doubled, with beams and colors making themselves at home throughout the venue. In the middle of his set, a dancer’s ring descended in front of the stage and a female acrobat moved to Robinson’s rhythms.

Robinson spun a strong set, playing originals like “Say My Name,” but also adding in beats from catchy songs like “Gangnam Style.” Porter Robinson captivated the crowd like a pro, and he’s only pushing twenty- the world is in for a treat as he’s just beginning to show us that he’s a master at his craft.