Dance Instructor Caught In Zumba Sex Scandal


A Zumba instructor made the wrong move after allegedly running a prostitution ring out of her dance studio in Maine.

Alexis Wright, 29, was reported to cops after the landlord of her dance studio Bee Nguyen reported unusual sounds she heard coming from her office and strange men she saw come and go, according to court documents. Wright pleaded not guilty to 106 counts, including prostitution and invasion of privacy, in court Tuesday (Oct. 12).

Defense attorneys representing more than 100 of her alleged clients are blocking attempts to divulge the names on the client list, which supposedly contains the names of dozens of prominent politicians and attorneys, ABC News reports.

“Releasing the list has the power to really destroy reputations,” Stephen Schwartz, attorney of the alleged clients, said.

Prosecutors say Wright recorded some of her encounters with the men, and say they have 100 hours of video evidence.

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