Denzel Washington Learns How to Fly

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Our friends at UPTOWN Magazine caught up with the megastar, Denzel Washington and co-stars Melissa Leo, Kelly Reilly and Bruce Greenwood to discuss their roles in the film, “Flight.” Denzel plays an experienced pilot, who miraculously lands a plane, while saving many lives on board. However, things quickly take a turn for the dark side, as his alcoholism and the lies he keeps begin to slowly surface. In the stretch of days following, the audience is exposed to the edge-of-seat action-drama exploring the confusing realm of what is truly justice.

In the interview, Denzel goes into depth about his complex character, explaining how, “He’s lying as soon as you meet him. I mean, he’s in denial about his addiction, he thinks he can fly, you know, like that. He’s arguing with his ex-wife and then once he gets in trouble, he keeps saying ‘Hey, nobody could have landed that plane like I did,’ so he’s in denial about that.”

For the rest of the exciting interview from Denzel and his co-stars head on over to Uptown Magazine.

The Robert Zemeckis film, “Flight” soars into theaters on November 2nd.