Did Pauly Shore Go Too Far With His New Parody, “Obama Got Osama”?


President Obama has received a number of celebrity endorsements during the course of his 2012 reelection campaign. Some are more unique than others.

His latest proof of support comes in the form of a hip-hop track called “Obama Got Osama” by veteran funny man Pauly Shore. In the video, which is laced with expletives and Photoshop crops of the President wearing hoodies and boxing gloves, the comedian touts Obama’s many accomplishments during his presidency while poking fun at his opposition.

The track is a teaser of what to expect from Shore’s upcoming TV show, “Pauly~tics.” On the show, he takes a comedic approach to interviewing different politicians and lawmakers.

“It’s Bill Mauer meets Spring Break!” Shore said. “Let’s stop fighting people and let’s all dance is my attitude. Till then ‘Obama got Osama b**ches!’ Peace out, see u on the freeway!”

Check out the video: