DISS TRACK: Gucci Mane feat. Rick Ross — “Respect Me”


For those of you keeping track at home, the diss track tally since the Young Jeezy vs. Rick Ross 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards fight is: Young Jeezy – 0, Rick Ross – 1 and Gucci “I Wasn’t Even There” Mane – 2.

Gucci Mane and the Bawse team up for a new Jeezy diss track “Respect Me.” The track is off the Trap-A-Holics and DJ Cash Crook mixtape Large On Da Streets 28, which dropped only yesterday (Oct. 19).

“Ain’t no way in hell I’ma let you disrespect me,” raps Gucci on “Respect Me,” before alleging the Snowman is mad because the self-proclaimed “Trap God” is “f—ing [Jeezy’s] wifey.”

Rick Ross gets a little more violent: “I push a button and them killers comin’/ Disrespect me, n—-s get nothin’.”

The Snowman has stayed relatively quiet the past week, while the Brick Squad rapper has continued to single him out. Gucci released his other diss track and its subsequent video, “Truth,” last week. Jeezy’s only release this month has been the Black Metaphor-produced tune “Get Right”.

Looks like this beef isn’t going away anytime soon. Listen to Gucci Mane and Rick Ross’ “Respect Me” below.