Double Trouble: The ATL Twins Take The Hunt To New York


To spend a night with Sid & Thurman Sewall, better known as the ATL Twins, is likened to being on a hunt with the hounds. They are pursuant to one very specific fox—one they can share. And while mating takes place at night, it’s always open season on their other targets: fame and success. So call them Freaks, wiggers, incestuous weirdos; they’ve heard it all before. However, when their acting debut in Spring Breakers alongside Selena Gomez and James Franco comes out next March, be quick to bite your tongue before they bite your sisters’.

I’ll admit, I caught myself biting my tongue last month. It was a Wednesday night on Houston Street, Manhattan’s downtown dividing line, where I was parked at a table outside of the popular Jamaican spot Miss Lily’s with the owner and an artist friend. During the meal we noticed two white dudes adorned with golden grills and skullcaps exiting the spot with a young beautiful model. Another friend came running over to our table, “Those guys are insane!” she let out, hands on cheeks like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. As she told us of the debauchery they had just revealed in their RadioLily interview, we watched as the twins hopped in a taxi together with the model and disappeared into the night. As I found out later, the model was 18 and in a matter of hours, they both had their way with her, one at a time, consensually. (Don’t believe them? They’ll happily show you photos and videos.) Two nights later, I’ll witness the hunt first hand.

Our Friday night started at 8 p.m. at the twins’ ‘No-Privacy’ room in NYC’s Standard Hotel. No privacy means the bathroom walls are constructed out of windows. It’s a risqué gimmick to most timid tourists who pass through but the uninhibited twins made great use, watching their harem of ladies shower off after they were done with each of them. The twins had been drinking vodka and subtly mentioned taking prescription meds before my arrival, they were mostly buzzing off of their encounter the night before. Their latest sex prize turned out to be the daughter of Hollywood royalty. She had entered their world at a downtown club as an intrigued fan and exited as one of their many triumphs.
They were quick to welcome me into their world as their story rolled off their tongues between sips of Patrón and shared Camel cigarettes. This behavior stems from a crude upbringing in the “worst part” of Chattanooga, Tennessee, they began to explain. Growing up with just a food stamp-assisted mother, Sid and Thurman took to counter-culture around age 12. “We got into skating from our friend Chris Scoggins. He kinda took us under his wing, taught us about life and skating and what was cool. He was there in the room when we lost our virginity at age 12.”

They finish each other’s sentences as smoothly as they finish each other’s cigarettes, passed an iPhone back and forth filled with 5,000 photos of asses they’d tapped and videos of some choice romps. Deciding to go up to the roof, the twosome enters a packed elevator, tongues out. “You scare me,” an older French woman says as if she meant to keep that inside her mouth. The guys just smile; they’re used to that. “Kill ‘em with kindness,” they mention later.

Their story progresses as the night moves on. “We moved to Atlanta when we were 15. Our mom was never home so and we had this house to party in.” The boys soon gained the reputation of ATL Party boys and the fetes would be frequent, always ending with them sharing a girl in their bed. “We share everything, people don’t really understand it, but it’s all we know.” The twins—who’ve only been apart for 6 hours of their entire lives—celebrated this bond, quickly becoming urban legends.

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