Ellie Goulding’s Awesome Beauty Mishap


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It’s okay to love dream-pop delicacy Ellie Goulding a bit more now that she too rocks the stiletto, talon, tip nails that are still all the rage. Goulding shared on Instagram, a pick of her not filing or clipping her nails as most do to get their shape right, but instead Srillex’s main squeeze reached for a pair of pliers to tame her fake nails! Ouch! While excitedly playing with her new Fender guitar with pal Johnny, she realized that she couldn’t strum as effectively with her glamorously done nails, and so with no traditional clippers in sight, she reached for the nearest pliers and got to snapping them things off. The awesomely over the top beauty moment also had the musician realize that “I can’t be girly and have long nails because I play guitar, so I’m always having to cut my nails”. via MTV