Emii Talks New Album, Snoop Lion Collaboration and Shoes


She’s been described as a pop formula that mixes Lady Gaga and Amy Lee from Evanescence, but her powerhouse vocals should not be up for comparison.

Sultry pop songstress Emii is making moves in the dance world though she’d like to consider her music an alternate form of therapy. “I want people to be able to listen and to really have an escape from anything that might be bothering them,” she says.

She has collaborated with Snoop Lion on the infectious earkicker “Mr. Romeo,” whose visual counterpart recreates a mystical world of romance. “The collaboration with Snoop began when I was doing the master vocals for “Mr. Romeo,'” she recalls. “It was funny because prior to him coming in, my producer and I were joking back and forth, ‘Who would add a lot of magic to this track?’ and of course, Snoop’s name comes up.” And the rest as they say is her story.

Emii’s shoe fetish anthem “Stilettos” has racked up more than 900,000 views on YouTube and climbing. When it comes to her personal retail habits though, she’s pretty modest. “I wouldn’t call myself a shopaholic but I would say about five years ago, I was all about the sneakers and jeans,” the blonde beauty says. “I was never addicted to shoes but then I discovered that stilettos can in fact be comfortable and from there, I was screwed.”

Her career continues on the right track as she preps her official debut. “There is a lot of emotion in the upcoming album, a lot of attitude and a lot of fun,” Emii says. “It’s upbeat and it’s dance but the general theme is…making the most out of your life and rocking it.”

Watch our full interview with Emii below.