Ester Dean Talks Film Debut in “Pitch Perfect”


Roc Nation artist, Ester Dean discusses her film debut in “Pitch Perfect,” a comedy about an-girls acapella group who are the underdogs against their male rivals in trying to win a campus acapella competition. Ester Dean caught up with us to tell us what’s special about the film, the strenuous preparation for the role, and her first experience with acting.

On the message of the Pitch Perfect:
Well it was about freedom, I think every girl on the set got to play of freedom. You know Amy was saying, you know I’m heavy set, I’m not ashamed of it, I’m gonna be who I am, I felt like it was like watching “The Voice” on film, it’s like telling people to turn over your eyes, stop being so judgmental and listen to the talent. And I feel like that’s what we got.

On what’s unique about the film:
First of all, doing the acapella is unique already, I never seen anything focused on the world of acapella and I’m glad they didn’t poke fun at it. I’m actually excited that they took that really seriously and we were dancing and we were singing and the thing was it was nothing that I’ve seen on TV. And I know that they have Glee and everything but this is acapella, signing music with our mouths, dancing at the same time, and it had a lot of great comedy in it.

On preparing for the role:
When I look at the movie, we have to learn how to do that stuff anyway, it wasn’t like it was some faking stuff, we had to learn to do it anyway. Nobody got to get off learning how to dance, nobody got to get off learning how to sing their parts, because not only did we have to record our voice segments, we had to sing it in front of a live audience. So nobody got to be safe from actually know the parts and putting our all into it.

On the energy on set:
My favorites were not only Rebel Wilson who is as funny as she could be, but it was something about Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow, because they weren’t being funny on set, but they were super funny, like they had this “what would a porn star sound like from Wisconsin”. So I really walked away with friends, and I definitely didn’t think that I was about to and then after the shot was over and they called it to say it was the last shot, everybody just stared crying and just realize after the three months how much you are going to miss them and you don’t know that when you’re in the middle of it.

On what’s next for Ester Dean:
I would love them to do a “Pitch Perfect II”! But at the end of the day what’s next for me is, anything that they have coming up. I want to do more auditions, and see exactly what I can be a part of because that was a great experience for me.