Facebook Reaches 1 Billion Users


After years of friend requests, pokes and likes, social media giant Facebook has hit a milestone.

According to Yahoo! News, Mark Zuckerberg’s creation has hit 1 billion active users on September 14 at 12:45 p.m. PST, which tacked on 45 million users since June.

Though much to celebrate, the No. 1 social site has struggled its initial public offering in May. Its 28-year-old CEO hopes to increase the number of ‘friends’ through mobile devices.

“There’s 5 billion people in the world who have phones, so we should be able to serve many more people and grow the user base there,” Zuck said in an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show Thursday.

As for his personal phone habits, Zuckerberg says he’s using the iPhone 5, which was given by Apple CEO Tim Cook himself.