Friends or Foes? 10 Beefs That 50 Cent Has Squashed Over The Years


50 Cent is notorious for getting involved in beefs. From his well-publicized feud with Ja Rule to his recent troubles with former BFF Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Fif backs down to no man (or woman, for that matter). Whether you’re a pint-sized singer or a rapper with a rap sheet, 50 will throw shots in your direction. But, 50 doesn’t get enough credit for squashing just as many beefs as he starts. His reconciliations aren’t always as fun or interesting as his beefs. But, he’s also been the bigger man in a number of different situations and ended his beefs for good.

Case in point: 50 made amends with former foe Fat Joe at the BET Awards over the weekend. During a tribute to legendary hip-hop executive Chris Lighty, Fif reportedly put aside whatever differences he’s had with Joey Crack, gave him a handshake, and even performed alongside of him. We obviously haven’t seen the result of it yet (the awards air later this month). But, we’re proud of 50 for doing what he did, especially after all the ether that he’s exchanged with Fat Joe both on and off wax in recent years.

But, Fat Joe isn’t the only person who has wound up reconnecting with 50 after beefing with him. There have been many others who have done it, too. And, to prove it, here are 10 Beefs That 50 Cent Has Squashed Over The Years. These beefs are cooked.

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