How To: Grow A Beard Like Rick Ross Or James Harden


Think growing facial fuzz just consists of chucking your razor? Hairy situations take more care to master. Here are some FAQs to consider before you let it all hang out

Q: So… I want a beard. How do I know if bigger is better?
Split between five o’clock fresh or going poof like Rick Ross? Know your comfort level, and be wary of potential patchy areas (né bald spots) that could leave your James Harden-esque face fur looking spotty.

Q: What if my face is shaped like a trapezoid?
Unlike snapbacks, beard shapes aren’t one-size-fits-all. For rounder mugs, keep a wide beard, tapering your whiskers as low as your Adam’s apple for the illusion of length. If you’ve got a chiseled frame (think Lloyd Banks), rock a chinstrap crop that bottoms out along the jawline.

Q: Now that my beard’s semi-developed, how do I keep my lines sharp like cheddar?
For a cut that looks airbrushed, slick on shaving oil (1) while taking a warm shower and use a double-sided razor (2)—remember to slice with the grain—every two to three days for a shank-sharp contour. Start in the middle of your chin and work outwards to prevent your beard from resembling a seesaw.

Q: These facial hairs make me scratch like a hobo. How can I cure the itch?
Barely-there beards require merely a regular skin moisturizer to prevent frosted flakes. If you’re sporting a full-grown, rub on shampoo (3) and leave-in conditioner (4) two or three times a week in the shower. A few boar-hair brush (5) strokes will detangle and rid face bibs of Cheetos crumbs.

Q: I don’t have all day. How long will this take?
Calm down. While genetics determine how quickly you’ll sprout, bare cheeks should score scruff within the first 48 hours. Plan four to six months for an all-out bird’s nest.

(1) Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave, $11, | (2) Parker Vintage Butterfly Safety Razor 22R, $26, | (3) Bluebeards Original Beard Wash, $14, | (4) Bluebeards Beard Saver, $24, | (5) RoyalShave Bristle Beard Brush, $10,
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