Hurricane Sandy Rocks Disney Cruise Ship


A Disney cruise ship experienced something more of a horror flick than a magical fairy tale. A video courtesy of CNN shows the 13-story ship being rocked by the early stages of Hurricane Sandy on the east coast. On the sixth night of the seven-day voyage, patrons and crew members–some with more than 10 years of ship experience–called it the worst night at sea. “The captain came on the intercom and said that the weather was far worse than what was to be predicted in that area,” said a passenger who took the cruise with his wife. “There was a moment in the night where the ship tilted so far to the right that the furniture moved across the room. If you think about how far a thirteenth (sic) story ship has to tilt for furniture to move, it says a lot.” The video shows cabin doors opening and slamming shut while water in the pools were emptied out into surrounding areas. Store shelves were also emptied out by the storm’s increasing force. Though there was major damage on the ship, it docked in Port Canaveral, FL several hours late but in tact. Watch video below:

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