Jill Scott Responds to Madonna’s Obama Comments: “I Don’t Know Why She Would Say That”


Last nights intense debate between President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney showed the world how crucial November’s election will be.

As election day approaches, the Republican and Democrat parties are trying harder than ever to win each vote of the people before they hit the polls. Endorsements are extremely important to each party and Obama continues to get the help of the celeb world, including famed singer Madonna. The singers recent comments during her  MDNA tour revealed that she thought Obama was a “black muslim in the White House” and was without a doubt going to endorse and vote for him.

The fact that Madonna labeled the president while she was encouraging citizens to go out and vote for him raised a few eyebrows everywhere. HelloBeautiful.com caught up with neo-soul songstress Jill Scott and asked her what she thought about Madonna’s statement, she replied: “I don’t know what faith or religion he’s practicing, I really don’t care about his religion at all,” the soulstress says. “What I care about, is that he takes care of the United States. That he enforces law that benefit all of Americans. That he has great relationships with other countries so that when I, a frequent traveler, go to another country I don’t feel unwanted or unappreciated or in danger like I have felt in the past with the last president.”

Jill has a good point, we should start worrying about the bigger picture for our country’s sake and make sure we all go out and vote.

What do you think of Jill Scott’s comments in response to Madonna?