Join The Debate: Should Medicinal Marijuana Be Legal For All?


The legalization of marijuana is an age-old debate, with valid arguments on both sides of the fence.

Daytime medical talk show The Doctors—along with actress Roseanne— took the debate to a live audience to weigh in on the pros and cons of legalizing that good ol’ green.

“The larger issue is not just about legalization of marijuana. It’s an end to the drug wars, which are a very destructive thing in our country,” Roseanne says in favor of medicinal marijuana legalization. She continued by adding, “One in six people in jail are in there for marijuana arrests and people are not aware of that. If [law enforcement agencies] catch you with a marijuana joint, they can take your whole house. These laws are unjust and I’d like to see them ended.”

On the “against” side, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says, “If it’s legal, it’s going to increase the chances of kids getting it. We already have seven percent of 8th graders using it regularly [and] 22 percent of 12th graders, so there are a lot of young people that shouldn’t because kids’ brains are very susceptible [to the effects of marijuana].”

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