Maria Sharapova Supports Tennis Grunting Ban


A weird ban may soon be landing on the tennis courts.

According to the Inquisitr, the Women’s Tennis Association is implementing a no-grunt-rule for the younger generation of players. Surprisingly, the ban even found a supporter in one of the game’s repeat grunting offenders Maria Sharapova.

“I started grunting since whenever I can remember,”she recalled. “I see videos of myself and I’ve grunted for that long. Nobody told me to do it in Russia or in Florida. It’s just a natural habit. The information going towards coaches and academies that are developing talent from a young age is teaching them a certain breathing technique. Because when you start something from a young age and continue it, it’s a habit – whether you do grunt or don’t grunt.”

While other players like Serena and Venus Williams are known for their voracious sound effects on court, others think the grunts are a technique meant to distract opponents. Tennis coach Nick Bollettieri — who has trained players like Sharapova, Serena Williams and Monica Seles — has reportedly been accused of instructing his players to grunt to gain a competitive advantage.

Is the world ready for silent tennis matches?