Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj Argue During ‘American Idol’ Auditions


Rumors have been swirling that new American Idol judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj just can’t seem to get along.

TMZ reports that an arguement broke out between the ladies of AI today after a disagreement over a contestant’s performance in North Carolina. The Barbie rapper viciously spewed, “If you got a fuckin’ problem, handle it…I’m not fuckin’ putting up with her fuckin’ highness over there.”

Mariah’s response? Sounded like nothing much more than an exhausted “Why?”

Stories about this female feud surfaced on day one, although each artist tried to douse the fire in interviews. Days ago, Carey said during a press conference, “How we gonna feud in two days? I think a feud takes a little longer to spread out. It’s fun, it’s music, it’s singing, it’s laughter.”

Apparently, something’s going down. Hopefully these two Vixens, who recorded “Up Out My Face” together, can patch things up amicably.