Mark Rothko Painting Defaced By Russian Artist

A devastating blow was given to art fans the world over, as a Mark Rothko painting worth tens of millions of pounds was defaced yesterday afternoon.

A man named Vladimir Umanets claimed responsibility for possibly ruining a valubale Mark Rothko at the Tate Modern art gallery. Many are outraged by the stunning act of vandalism, yet the Russian born artist denies the labeling. Witnesses gasped in frightened horror as they saw the culprit, described as a man in his late 20s, calmly walk up to “Black On Maroon” (1958) and scrawl a graffiti message in black marker pen.

The graffiti read: “Vladimir Umanets, A Potential Piece of Yellowism.”

Mr. Umanets admitted that he had imprinted himself on the painting, but insisted that his aim was not to destroy or deface the classic work of art. “Some people think I’m crazy or a vandal, but my intention was not to destroy or decrease the value, or to go crazy. I am not a vandal,” he stated. In terms of what “Yellowism” is, Mr. Umanets describes it as, “neither art, nor anti-art.”

While this free-flow form of expression may get him a joy boner, the authorities and art fans around the world are wondering who the mystery man truly is. Refusing to reveal his age or where he lived, Mr. Umanets believes he is likely to be arrested soon, but added, “I believe that from everything bad there’s always a good outcome, so I’m prepared for that but obviously I don’t want to spend a few months, even a few weeks, in jail. But I do strongly believe in what I am doing, I have dedicated my life to this.”

Sounds like someone has a pretty legitimate lawyer on deck. No arrest have been made yet as of press time.

Props: Business Insider