Marsha Ambrosius New Video ‘Get It Over With’ Raises Questions


As a strong advocate for gay rights, Marsha Ambrosius has never been afraid to show her support for same sex love. In her new video F*ck and Get It Over With, she sings about making love to her boo in every possible place—and we literally mean everywhere. As the video goes on, Ambrosius (who’s makeup and hair is stunning) looks as though she’s getting ready to go over to her man’s house and do exactly what the song suggests…but it’s a woman that answers Marsha’s call to action!

Is Ambrosius pulling a Frank Ocean and coming out of the closet via her music, or is she keeping it all the way real? Have you wanted a one-night romp with same-sex individual?

Vixens, let us know what you think about Ambrosius’ lady loving.–Jasmine Aspinall