Vixen Chat: Accessories Designer Melanie White Talks Melanie Marie, Dating and Her Biggest Pet Peeve


Melanie Marie

VV: Is everything handmade?
MM: Most of it is handmade from me, but if I can’t do it–if it involves welding or something–I’d get it manufactured.

If you could have your accessories placed anywhere, where or on which female celebrity would they be?
First would be Beyoncé. I love Beyoncé.

We all love Bey!
[Laughs] Second, I would say Oprah’s magazine. Anything Oprah says [sells] through the roof. Third, in the Kardashian store. People follow them like if their freakin’ queens of America.

What trends are you into as far as accessories?
I wear things that are edgy, that are classy.

Now, what piece of jewelry do you have to wear all the time?
Earrings is just one of my things. I would never leave the house without earrings. That’s my pet peeve, girls who don’t wear earrings. But if I’m wearing like a big necklace, I’ll only wear like a stud or something so it doesn’t clash or take away.