Mike Muse Wants To Talk Politics With You

Introducing Mike Muse…VIBE’s newest Political Curator

As politicians have become pop culture sensations, so have the issues they stand for. No matter which political party you rsvp to, which candidates t-shirt you rock with your vintage kicks, nor how many celebrity driven political songs we YouTube, we all share the same passion of righting the wrong; regardless of expression. The Mike Muse Show will have an edgy, quick paced take on what’s happening on America’s social agenda. The issues that affect us, to which is being defined as a new generation of youth and pop culture who all of a sudden have a voice. And not just any voice, but a voice that made history in the 2008 Presidential election and who stand to repeat history in 2012; a voice that is changing the coloring strategy for 50 states in the electoral map from red to purple to blue; all by counting our votes, texting our friends, and cashing our checks.

The Mike Muse Show is a non-partisan trickle-down effect on our narrative of how we see poverty, healthcare, education and more. Why we knock on doors, why we register people to vote, and why we care about the freedom of expression. The list of why’s could be infinite, because never before has a show touched on these issues from our vantage point. We are the new America, we are the consumers that influence and create consumer trends, and we are the ones that have the marketing appeal that advertisers crave. Therefore, we have a right to own our own narrative, to share our views and to see how the same issue that affects the individual in Des Moines, Iowa is the same issue that affects the individual in Brooklyn, NY.

This is the time for a movement to be captured and articulated for a new generation of political enthusiasts. This is The Mike Muse Show; this is the time, for this is a voice for the generation…welcome.