Mitt Romney Gains Lead Over Obama

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A new Pew poll may indicate that Mitt Romney truly won last weeks debate, as he is leading President Barack Obama by four percentage points. According to a survey of those most likely to vote on November 6, the results show a heavy contrast with the results from mid-September, which showed Romney trailing by eight points. Romney now has 49 percent of the vote to 45 percent for President Obama. Among registered voters, the race is tied, dead even at 46 percent. This is also another surprising fact, since Obama led Romney by nine points in that category last month.

This is the second poll that shows Romney capitalizing on gains he made during last week’s presidential debate. The Jim Lehrer moderated forum showed the president performing less-than-stellar; a fact that seems to have resonated with the American voting public. The Pew poll also says that Romney’s likability also experienced a boost, having increased five points to 45 percent, while Obama’s has dropped a full seven points to 50 percent. The two are tied in polling opinions when asked who is a stronger leader, a sure-fire bright spot for Romney, who was 13 points behind in this category last month. The most critical evidence to how well the debates worked for the former Massachusetts governor than our current Commander-in-Chief is that Romney is leading 49 to 41 percent when asked who can do a better job of building up the economy.

Will the Vice Presidential debates help to turn the tide back in favor of the Obama administration?

Props: Business Week