New Music: Jokers of the Scene “Killing Jokes” EP


Just in time for your Halloween haunts playlist is the latest from Jokers of the Scene, the Toronto-based dance duo who fuses discotheque with funky new beats. In their new EP, they kick things off with “Killing Jokes III,” which possesses Beat Street worthy drum machine loops, surging acid lines, and the perfect amount of slap bass. Planet E’s own Psycatron then take the song for a deep walk into techno territory, while Ed Banger’s resident psych guru Mickey Moonlight cranks up the bongos and introduces haunting vocals (including a laugh track?!? Trust us, it works…) for a Talking Heads-on-nitrous jam session.

Lest you think JOTS and their friends went hippy on us all of a sudden, the boys close things out with the stomping piano house coda “A Fine Line Between Nowhere And Now Here,” bookending another quality Fool’s Gold release from one of the most interesting and unpredictable forces in dance music.

The Killing Jokes EP will be available October 30 on Fool’s Gold Records.


1. Killing Jokes III
2. Killing Jokes III (Psycatron Inflyte Remix)
3. Killing Jokes III (Mickey Moonlight’s Joke)
4. A Fine Line Between Nowhere And Now Here