NEW VIDEO: Wiz Khalifa — “STU”


His “jeans cost a thousand” but Wiz Khalifa still drinks from the red plastic solo cup in the music video for “STU,” a track off his recently released mixtape Cabin Fever 2. In Khalifa’s cup? Gin & tequila. We’ve got to hand it to the Pittsburgh native. He’s been dropping videos, freestyles, freestyle videos and mixtapes left and right, all leading up to his eagerly anticipated sophomore LP O.N.I.F.C., due Dec. 4. Busy man. The Greg Neiser-directed “STU” clip is simple. Khalifa gets “STU”-ed — “So Turned Up” — by smoking blunts and sipping on his gin-quila in the director’s chair while projections of green nuggets flash behind him. Watch the clip below.