New Videos: Ciara, Pitbull, Diamond x Verse Simmonds, Classified x Skratch Bastid x Saukrates, Lil Fame x Termanology

New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Ciara – “Got Me Good” Just when you’re ready to rule Ciara out, she comes with a banging ass video like this. The girl is giving her all with the footwork, which isn’t surprising but always impressing. Much respect Ci. 2. Pitbull – “Don’t Stop The Party” Sorry Pit, Bieber & Nicki did this video weeks ago fam. 3. Diamond (feat. Verse Simmonds) – “American Woman”

Shoutout to Diamond for “redefining” the look of the All American woman. We never thought Miss America could be so ghetto fabulous. 4. Classified (feat. Skratch Bastid & Saukrates) – “Anything Goes”
We love the random people walking down the street with masks on. It gets us excited for this upcoming Halloween in New York City. 5. Lil Fame & Termanology – “After Midnight”
The camera movement here is too shaky to even give a damn what’s going on in the video.