New Videos: Miguel, Future x Tasha Catour, Killer Mike, Maino x The Mafia, Nina B


New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Miguel – “The Thrill”

It looks like Miguel is celebrating all the critical acclaim he’s received from his newly released Kaleidoscope Dream. Cheers, homie!

2. Future (feat. Tasha Catour) – “Rider”

The “Bonnie” to Future’s “Clyde” is a real banger. We’d love a ride-or-die like her any day.

3. Killer Mike – “Reagan”

If the dope graphics in this video weren’t enough to reel you in, the overall political message is sure to intrigue you. Much respect to Killa for this one.

4. Maino & The Mafia – “Waddupson”

The “flagging” going on in “Waddupson” is real. You got to respect the team for this one.

5. Nina B – “Whats Eating You”

We love Nina B’s “spoken-word” approach in her recent videos, but we think it’s time to put some money into them. At the very least, try & get artistic with the video direction.