NFL Picks Week 7: Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, New England Patriots


The NFL season is almost at it’s halfway point and playoff dreams will start to slowly die. The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers got Week 7 kicked off last night with the 49ers taking a 13 – 6 victory. Here are’s picks for Week 7.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Carolina Panthers

This game is the Ovehype Bowl. Coming into the season everyone picked Dallas to contend for the NFC East title and Carolina was going to be the upstart team and backdoor their way into the playoffs. Well, the Boys are 2-3 and Carolina is 1-4 and after this game, one team’s season will be on life support and the other’s will be dead.

Cam Newton surprised everyone last season and showed he can play in the NFL, but he’s surprising everyone this year with his amazing sophomore slump. He’s only thrown 4 touchdown passes this season but has already thrown 5 interceptions.

Defensively, the Panthers are okay but their safeties are complete trash and the Cowboys are going to take advantage of it. The Cowboys’ last game was a heartbreaker because they actually outplayed the Ravens but lost because of time management issues.

Granted the Cowboys have found more ways to lose than Charles Hamilton, but it’s clear they are the better team. With Cam Newton struggling and Dallas’ #1 ranked pass defense look for the Cowboys to steal a win on the road.

Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants

The Redskins beat the Giants twice last year without Robert Griffin III, so what do you think is going to happen this year? Everyone talks about RGIII’s legs, but he’s actually leading the NFL in completion percentage at 70.2%.

The Giants are coming off a huge win against the 49ers last week. The game was in San Francisco and most teams don’t do well with long road trips. The Giants are going to lose not because they aren’t the better team, but simply because they are humans. A huge win last week against the 49ers and they are looking for revenge next week against the Cowboys. The Giants will overlook RGIII and be upset by the Redskins this Sunday.

New York Jets vs. New England Patriots

There are certain constants in life and one of those is the hatred between New York and Boston sports franchises. The Jets and Patriots play this weekend. Of course New York Jets head coach, Rex Ryan, has been running his mouth giving the Patriots bulletin board material while Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has been rocking his hoodie and thinking of a master plan for NFL domination.

It seems as if the Jets have more players in the training room than they do on the field. The running back position is thin and there have been rumors of Tim Tebow actually lining up at running back — the circus continues.

Look, let’s be honest, the Jets already had no weapons on offense coming into this season. Yes, they destroyed the Colts last week, but the Alabama Crimson Tide could destroy the Colts. On top of the Jets not having any weapons on offense, their defense was centered around cornerback Darrelle Revis and he’s done for the season. Tom Brady will have a field day with Rex Ryan and his New York Jets and this game will not even be close.

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