NFL Picks Week 8: Bears vs. Panthers, Falcons vs. Eagles, Giants vs. Cowboys


Can you believe after this week the NFL will be at its halfway point? It seems like the Cowboys were upsetting the Giants in the season opener just yesterday. A lot has changed for both teams since then. Find out who VIBE thinks will win the rematch in this week’s NFL Week 8 picks.

Bears vs. Panthers

This is the battle of the bad body language quarterbacks. For years, we’ve been in awe of Jay Cutler’s arm talent and disgusted by his body language on the sidelines. We’ve wondered if Cutler really cared about the game of football or was he just highly talented without a care in the world as long as he got his check after the game. This year, we haven’t been asking those questions—winning always cures everything. The question now: is Cam Newton the new Jay Cutler? Did you see his press conference last week after their loss to Dallas?

After all of the negative attention Cam’s press conference has earned this week, expect him to act like a grown man this week in front of the media. The result of being on the wrong side of the win column will be the same. The Bears have an advantage in every facet of the game: their offense, defense and special teams are all better than the Panthers. The only thing they have to worry about is that they are on the road coming off a short week because they played this past Monday night. Nevertheless, it will be an easy win for the Bears. They will cover the spread of -7.5 and win 31–20.

Falcons vs. Eagles

The Falcons are 6-0, but all good things must come to an end. I don’t listen to sportswriters when it comes to power rankings on who the best team in the league is, I listen to Vegas. They, unlike beat writers, have no emotion involved. Vegas has the Falcons ranked as the #6 best team in the league. There’s a reason the Falcons are an underdog in this game. The Falcons could easily be 3-3 had it not been for a few 4th quarter get out of jail free cards. The Falcons have also given up more yards than they’ve actually gained this season.

Eagles head coach, Andy Reid, is always a dope coach after a bye week. Reid is 13-0 after bye weeks and 10-3 against the spread after bye weeks. Michael Vick is a turnover waiting to happen, so expect to see a heavy dose of LeSean McCoy running the ball. Eagles hand the Falcons their first defeat, 24-17.

Giants vs. Cowboys

The theme for this game is revenge. The Giants aren’t losing two games in a row to the Cowboys. America’s so called team came into New York for the season opener and shocked the Big Apple by beating the Giants on their home field. Since then, the Giants have been playing well and the Cowboys have been inconsistent.

The loss of Cowboys linebacker, Sean Lee, will definitely hurt the Boys and prove to be the difference in the game. The Cowboys’ secondary is one of the best and they will neutralize the Giants’ air attack but with Lee out for the Cowboys, Ahamad Bradshaw is going to make sure that the Cowboys get this work.

Giants win, 31 – 27.

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