Nicki Minaj Is Not Being Kicked Off ‘American Idol’


Producers from American Idol have officially addressed the rumors of Nicki Minaj being kicked off the show. The guest judge’s fight with Mariah Carey has showered the show with a new storm of false rumors about this season’s future. However, according to the Idol staff everything is just peachy around the set. Hmmm.

Access Hollywood Reports:

“This is one of the best, most passionate, dynamic and invested judging panels we’ve ever had,” producers said in a statement released to Access Hollywood. “We love and support all of the judges and the fantastic work they are doing, and we can’t imagine a better group to find the next ‘American Idol.’

“Despite all the accusations and media speculation — much of which is inaccurate — production is going extremely well today and the judges are focused on finding the best talent here in Baton Rouge,” the statement concluded.

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