The Noize Is Back: Exclusive Q&A With Boys Noize


Born Alexander Ridha, but known to fans as Boys Noize, Ridha’s expertise of dance and techno music derives from simply being a fan and from practicing his craft, as he’s one of the most sought after remixers. As his third album Out of the Black comes out October 16th, and its a bundle of raucous fun. The reflective Boys Noize aspires to create music that lasts, urges fans of EDM to search beyond what’s in front of them, and how great it feels to lock down that coveted artist guest spot on his own record. Check out the video for single, “ICH R U,” then peep VIBE’s exclusive chat with the man himself.

Q: How do you feel about EDM becoming mainstream in the U.S.?
A: There are two sides–as always. I think on the one side, obviously when something gets mainstream, it gets big, and all the cheesy sounds [start] going on. But it also opens doors for artists like me, and just because all of those kids, that just discovered this music, after a year or two, they’ll dig deeper into genres like house, techno and electronica. There’s just so much. I myself am a music lover and I’ve been buying records since age 14, and I still find so many house jams every day. In music there is so much to discover and that is the hope I have and think that’s what’s going to happen. It will progress into more interesting stuff being put out there.

Q: And what is your personal motto for making music, and in life?
A: It’s funny because when I started producing music, and started being a DJ at 14, I never thought about playing in clubs. I just played for my friends and made mixtapes for them. It was about the music. No one else knew the music I was listening to, and even when I began DJing, other DJs still weren’t aware of the music I played, and that was the most special thing about it. I’m just really, really lucky that my passion for DJing and producing worked out because I’ve never made super DJ-friendly music or had a major label to support me. I have my own label and have been releasing everything independently. I’ve been lucky that people have been appreciating that.

Q: What EDM artists do you admire?
A: There are always a lot of friends around, which is cool. Wes [Diplo], and I are going to be working together on a lot of things. Skrillex, we’re trying to work on a project as well, so it’s good to see friends.

Q: If you could choose one rapper to collaborate with on a track, who would it be?
A: Snoop Dogg! And I just collaborated with him! It’s been real dream come true and he’s the only feature on the album. I’m not a big fan of making an album with a bunch of features. Of course if you have a feature on a song, it gives the music the chance to reach more people, but I don’t care. I just wanted to make the coolest fucking track with Snoop Dogg, and it worked out. I’m so happy, and I think for him, it’s going to be a super cool thing. Yeah, man! And it’s a rap track, not an album track.

Q:Describe your sound in ONE sentence:
A: I’ll have to say…it’s [an] Electronic, Punk, Techno party.

Q: Finish this sentence: “I can never leave home without…”
A: I would say my dog but I left my dog back home! Without putting my cool shoeson…I don’t know!

Q: What can we expect from Boys Noize in 2013?
A: I’m going on a crazy tour; I just finished my new album Out of The Black. And I’ve been producing for some other people as well, and those joints will see the light of day soon, but I can’t talk about them too much! Some really cool collaborations with big artists as well. But you gotta wait to hear it!

Buy “OUT OF THE BLACK” here:

11/21 — Isla Grande(USA) @ Muelle Panamericano (DJ Set)
11/23 — Fort Lauderdale (USA) @ Revolution
11/24 — Orlando (USA) @ House of Blues
11/27 — Raleigh (USA) @ Southland Ballroom
11/28 — Silver Spring (USA) @ Fillmore
11/30 — New York (USA) @ Roseland Ballroom

12/01 — Philadelphia (USA) @ TLA 

12/02 — Boston (USA) @ House of Blues
12/03 — South Burlington (USA) @ Higher Ground (DJ Set)
12/06 — Montreal (CAN) @ Telus Theatre
12/07 — Toronto (CAN) @ Sound Academy
12/08 — Chicago (USA) @ Aragon
12/09 — Maplewood (USA) @ Myth (DJ Set)
12/10 — St. Louis (USA) @ Pageant
12/11 — Seattle (USA)@ Neptune (DJ Set)
12/12 — Vancouver (USA) @ Venues (DJ Set)
12/13 — Portland (USA) @ Roseland Theater (DJ Set)
12/14 — Oakland (USA) @ Fox Theatre
12/15 — Los Angeles (USA) @ Palladium
12/16 — San Diego (USA) @ House of Blues
12/18 — Denver (USA) @ Fillmore
12/19 — Austin (USA) @ Kingdom (DJ Set)
12/20 — Dallas, TX (USA) @ House of Blues
12/21 — Houston, TX (USA) @ House of Blues