NY Subways Scheduled To Shut Down At 7PM EST Today


Hurricane Sandy has everyone on edge lately, and the east coast is taking no chances.

CNN confirms Governor Andrew Cuomo’s statement that New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority will suspend subway service at 7 p.m today. Additionally, bus service will stop at 9 p.m.

Cuomo told reporters, “The storm is coming—and now it is time to take action. A situation like this, you don’t want to be overly panicked and overly prepared, but you want to be prudent and you want to do what is necessary.”

He continued by adding, “We don’t want to encourage people being up and about. We want people staying in their homes. Be prepared and stay at home.”

The storm is rumored to bring in some massive flooding and widespread power outages when it hits the East Coast area—expected to occur later today and continue into next week.

Many New Yorkers are slightly skeptical about the alarm Hurricane Sandy is causing. It’s being compared to last year’s Hurricane Irene hysteria, which turned out to be less of a threat than it was hyped up to be.

Either way, stay safe out there New York.