FBI Arrests NYPD Officer in Cannibal Plot to Eat and Kill Women


The FBI has taken a deranged member of the NYPD off the streets.

Federal authorities have arrested a New York City police officer, Gilberto Valle, 28, in connection with a plot to kidnap women, cook them, and eat their body parts. Valle had several co-conspirators who allegedly turned him into authorities before anything happened.

Sources say Valle is accused of planning to abduct up to 100 women. The criminal complaint claims Valle started his plot around January 2012.

The FBI released this statement:

In July 2012, Valle had a series of online communications with a co-conspirator (CC- 1) in which they discussed how best to kidnap, murder, cook, and eat Victim-1, including where to find a recipe for chloroform. During this time period, Valle also created a document entitled “Abducting and Cooking [Victim-1]: a Blueprint.” The document contains pedigree information about Victim-1—including her name, date of birth, height, weight, and bra size. The document also contains a section called “Materials Needed” in which Valle wrote, in part, the following:

Car (I have it)
Chloroform (refer to web site for directions)
Rope (Strongest kind to tie her up)

In subsequent instant message conversations, CC-1 asked Valle, “How was your meal?” to which Valle immediately responded, “I am meeting her [Victim-1] on Sunday.” On the following Sunday, Valle contacted Victim-1 and said that he wanted to meet her. They met later that day at a restaurant for lunch.


Valle also had conversations with another co-conspirator (CC-2) in February 2012, in which they negotiated and agreed to a price at which Valle would kidnap another woman (Victim-2). In those conversations, Valle insisted upon a price no less than $5,000 and assured CC-2 that Victim-2 would be bound, gagged, and alive when he delivered her. The FBI reviewed cell site data obtained pursuant to a court order and learned that, in March 2012, a cellphone with a telephone number belonging to Valle made and received cellular communications on the block in Manhattan on which Victim-2’s apartment building is located. When the FBI later interviewed Victim-2, she stated that she has never invited Valle to her home and does not know him well.