Obama Campaign Jazzes Up Slogan!

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The President and his campaign are looking to spruce things up a bit by adding a subtle change to their re-election slogan. See what it is after the jump!

Did you see it? Well, President Barack Obama’s campaign slogan is changing from “Forward” to “Forward!” The exclamation point has been added to reinforce and boost excitement about the 2012 presidential re-election campaign. The lowly period in the existing slogan wasn’t enough to keep the charge going strong, so instead they replaced the stoic punctuation with an exclamation mark, which was added earlier this week.

The new motto has been added to placards and banners, just in time for the president’s 40-hour battleground state blitz marathon. The punctuation jolt is expected to surge through his marathon tour through till the campaign’s final days, including his rally Saturday in New Hampshire.

According to Obama’s spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki, the campaign pumped up the slogan to reflect “the stakes in this election and energy at our events.”

Do you believe this will work for President Obama’s re-election hopes? Or will Mitt Romney’s new campaign slogan eviscerate the competition?

Props: Yahoo