Ohio Teen Found Guilty in “Craigslist Killings”

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If you don’t know, now you do — be careful who you cyber with online!

Jurors have come to a decision in the case of Brogan Rafferty and the “Craigslist Murders” that have plagued Northeastern Ohio. After three full days of eyewitness testimony, twelve jurors found the Stow, Ohio teenager guilty in the murders of three men and the attempted murder of another.

The 17-year-old is the first of two defendants to go to trial in the case, but was the first to testify during the trial. During his two-week long trial, Rafferty admitted that he helped drive victims to a farm in southern Ohio where they were killed, and then dug holes for their bodies and buried them.

John Alexander, who served as the 17-year-old’s attorney, consistently referred to Raffert as a “child,” who participated in a scheme masterminded by co-defendant Richard Beasley, who lured his victims with help wanted Craigslist advertisements, killed them, and then divided their possessions between himself and Rafferty.

Jurors, however, convicted Brogan Rafferty as an adult on 24 counts, including multiple counts of aggravated murder, for the deaths of Ralph Geiger, of Akron, David Pauley, of Virginia, and Timothy Kern, of Massillon. Rafferty was also found guilty on a charge of attempted murder for the shooting of Scott Davis, of South Carolina, who was the only survivor.

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