Parents Of Rejected Harvard Hopefuls Sue Admissions Consultant


When it comes to getting into college, the competitive nature can get really intense—sometimes for the parents more than the students themselves.

In a great example of that theory, a couple from Hong Kong has sued a US based college admissions consultant for failing to get their two sons into an Ivy League university, after shelling out $2 million.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, Gerald Chow and Lily Chow say that they gave Mark Zimny the big bucks after he promised to get their sons into an elite American university, with Harvard as a priority choice.

However, Zimny reportedly fell through with his alleged “big-name” Harvard contacts that he promised would funnel The Chow’s generous donation into elite colleges.

They are now charging Zimny with fraud and breach of contract in a suit filed in U.S. District Court in Boston. Zimny denies the allegations in court papers.

Given how much they put up for their children’s education, do you guys think The Chow’s have a good case on their hands? Let us know your opinions.

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