PHOTO: Does Zoe Saldana Look Like Nina Simone To You?!

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There has been a lot of criticism already for Zoe Saldana’s participation in the Nina Simone biopic. Consider this image another log on the hater’s fire…

While this secretly taken image doesn’t include a note as to what stage of the make-up process Saldana is in, the final look of her character might be very different from what we’re seeing in the image above. In it, you can see the “Avatar” actress sporting darker make-up to change her skin color, prosthetic teeth and an afro that was a well-known attribute of the legendary singer.

Director Cynthia Mort hasn’t offered any details whether she is taking creative liberties with Nina Simona or if Zoe would portray the “Plain Gold Ring” singer exactly to real-life scale. Most recently, the as-yet-to-be titled biopic added funnyman actor, Mike Epps, to the cast. He is slated to play Richard Pryor in the film. David Oyelowo will be playing Nina’s Paris-based manager, Clifton Henderson.

Production began this past week in Los Angeles. There is no schedule release date announced, yet. You can see more of how Zoe Saldana stacks up as Nina Simone below:


What do YOU think of Zoe Saldana’s appearance as Nina Simone? Do you expect the film to be heading in a good direction? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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