Playboy Magazine’s Miss October Pamela Horton Expresses Her Fetish For Video Games

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Every guy has dreams of having his favorite girl gaming character on his arm at some point. Whether its walking into the room with Lara Croft; busting your guns in the street with Samus; or even play fighting with Tifa — it’s no secret that every badass gamer needs an even radder gaming girl. With that in mind, Don’t Lose Your Day Job proudly present VIRGINIA SLIMS—showcasing the best digital video game vixens on this side of the InternetS!

In this week’s installment of VIRGINIA SLIMS, Pamela Horton, a first maximum level herbalist in World Of Warcraft (and Playboy Magazine’s Miss October) shares her most memorable moment from League of Legends, professes a crush on a famous Final Fantasy character and brief dishes how she lost her video game virginity. You can see a few images from the interview below. Get the full scoop by clicking HERE!


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