PlayStation Mobile Launches For Android; Comes With 30 Games

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PlayStation has entered the mobile game, but will it make an impact?! You be the judge after the jump.

Sony announced on Wednesday that PlayStation Mobile, a cross-platform mobile gaming service, has now gone live in major regions across North America, Europe and Japan. PlayStation Mobile brings mobile games not only to the PS Vita, but to an array of Android-based Sony smartphones and devices including the Xperia Play, Arc and Ion, Tablet P/S and the new Xperia Tablet S.

In addition to Sony-made mobile devices, PlayStation Mobile is also supported by HTC’s One S, V and X. The $499 Wikipad will also run PlayStation Mobile games when it launches at the end of the month. The appeal for anyone interested in playing or finding out more about PlayStation Mobile — is that users can buy a PlayStation Mobile game once and play it on any compatible device.

Take that, Microsoft! You can get a look at the full list of PlayStation Mobile games below:

Aqua Kitty
Beats Slider
Beats Trellis
Flick Hockey
Hungry Giraffe
Loot the Land
OMG Zombies
Samurai Beatdown
Super Create Box
Tractor Trails
Twist Pilot

Props: Yahoo!