Vixen Chat: PNK Elephant’s Kijafa Vick and Blair Sandlain Talk ‘Girls Hustle Hard’ T-Shirt Line


Beyoncé couldn’t have been more right when she sang that girls run the world, but Philly-based Pnk Elephant bosses Kijafa Vick (VA’s own) and Blair Sandlain (Detroit native) maintain that campaign with a bossier proclamation–Girls Hustle Hard.

With a newly launched t-shirt collection dedicated to femme fatales on the grind and reppin’ boss chicks from every state, the trendy accessories and apparel brand (which you can snag online or in-store) has touched new audiences and continues toward the mainstream market.

Vixen caught up with the two ambitious ladies to chat about fashion biz 101, which celebs should be dripping in their accessories and how their friendship makes them a force to be reckoned with.–Niki McGloster