Vixen Chat: PNK Elephant’s Kijafa Vick and Blair Sandlain Talk ‘Girls Hustle Hard’ T-Shirt Line


Pnk Elephant Arm CandyWe all know you’re taken, Mrs. Vick, but, Blair, let us know about the current state of your love life. Is there anyone that you’re dating? Anyone significant?
Um, yeah. I’m dating Kanye West right now! [Laughs] No, I’m playing.

You’re a mess!
Girl, I’m single and ready to mingle.

Now, who are your favorite designers, ladies?
KV: I really love BCBG. I feel like they’re always trendy, and I love their accessories. They give us a lot of inspiration, as far as clothes and accessories styles, that we want to carry in the store.
BS: I’ll buy whatever if I like it and if I feel like it fits my style. But, the designers that I love and respect would be, of course, Alexander McQueen.

In about five years ,what could we expect from your accessories line?
KV: A PNK Elephant in every mall in the United States.

That’s awesome! What do you think you’ll design next?
BS: I want to get into handbags and sneakers.
KV: I definitely love the sneaker idea. I feel like women want to be comfortable now, so we are definitely wearing more sneakers, more wedges.

For sure. Who would you want to see in PNK Elephant accessories? Top three celebrities.
Beyoncé, Rihanna and J. Lo.
BS: Beyoncé. And I would want to talk to her about her work ethic! I like Azealia Banks, and of course, Rihanna. Why not?

Yes. Everybody has a thing for Rihanna right now. Lastly, why should Vixens shop at PNK Elephant?
I think they should shop at PNK Elephant because we are the ultimate destination for all things fun. We have like this whole party girl promotion type of thing going on. The store’s very fun. We even have a DJ booth in there. If you wanna have fun with your look and you want to be free and you don’t care what people say, you should shop with PNK Elephant.