Trend Report: Queen of the Jungle-Inspired Accessories


If you checked out Wacka Flocka’s “Get Low” visuals, you certainly couldn’t have missed the gold floral-plated lion pendant “Gianni the Lion” necklace sitting bold and pretty on Nicki Minaj courtesy of Honey B Gold. The fashion line also has door knocker earrings and Chanel-inspired rings to match. Go all out lion-chic with this collection fit for those who love eccentric accessories.

BRAND: Honey B Gold

1.Lion Door Knocker” ring
PRICE: $55.00

2.Lions Den” earrings
PRICE: $50.00

3.Unisex Gianni the Lion” necklace
(As seen on Nicki Minaj)
PRICE: $55.00

4.Material Girls” ring
PRICE: $50.00