Recap: Sony Online Entertainment Wins Big In Las Vegas

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How does one sum up a first time trip to Las Vegas in less than 7,000 words? Hit the jump to find out!

Last week, yours truly was invited to attend the 2012 Sony Online Entertainment LIVE event in Las Vegas. The good folks behind the opportunity had no idea that it would be the first time I ever entered into Sin City, but they would soon learn that I am never to be without supervision. Formerly known as SOE Fan Faire, SOE Live, turned the hotel Bally’s into a haven for superheroes, villains, dwarves, dark elves, and even a few humans were thrown into the mix. Consistently known as THE place to meet the brilliant minds behind the online avatars and the games themselves, I came in unaware to the magnitude of the event, and felt enthusiastic for the chance to bring the experience right into the presence of gamers who flood this site daily.

As we all have become increasingly comfortable within the Digital Age, gamers, devs and fans were able to be multitaskians as SOE Live offered a smorgasbord of information this year. It was hard to keep up with all the announcements, making capturing the moments from the event my only option. Games such as EverQuest and EverQuest II (with its upcoming Chains of Eternity expansion pack) were supreme highlights of the event, as well as a keen insight to MMOers favorite titles to play. The title that caught our VIBE was DC Universe Online — a MMO game that allows gamers to create their own superhero/villain and engage in awesome adventures. From the outset of my arrival to the last moment on that Nevada strip, yours truly was able to witness a gambit of emotions while gambling was going on all around us.

Below are a few key highlights of the night. The full recap of the SOE event can be read at Don’t Lose Your Day Job (click HERE):


“The city of Las Vegas managed to be a perfect backdrop to SOE Live 2012. Gamers from all over the country (and outside of it, too!) got a chance to hear keynote announcements before the rest of the industry could say, “Frag me!”


“A fan favorite during the SOE Live 2012 conference was ‘PlanetSide 2′ as gamers competed in tournament for cash prizes and a chance to live in infamy as a true gaming champion! ”


“Wanna know why yours truly needs to be supervised whenever allowed past state lines? Be sure to get the full scoop over at Don’t Lose Your Day Job.”


“Who says that PC gaming is dead? One of the key moments of the event was witnessing the ‘PlanetSide 2′ and ‘EverQuest II’ competitions that kept hardcore gamers at the end of their seats.”


“They didn’t care about me until I put on the mask,” says every cool cosplay person EVER!!!”

Props: SOE Live