2 For 1: VIBE Reviews Brandy’s ‘Two Eleven’ & Bobby V’s ‘Dusk Til Dawn’


Brandy’s Two Eleven; Bobby V’s Dusk Til Dawn

Experimentation can spell struggle for some artists, but Two Eleven finds Brandy cruising fluidly past the predictable. Swinging from OVO-worthy emo-ethereal reflections (“Music”) to quirky up-tempos (“Let Me Go”), the 18-year vet deviates from overdone slow-tempo production. Conversely, Bobby V’s latest LP is set on delivering destruction, particularly to headboards and box springs (see: the panting, 808-powered “Oh”). Beyond horny slow burners, BV blesses courtship soundtracks and breakup odes with candy-flavored falsettos, reminding us why comfort zones sound so cozy. —Clover Hope and John Kennedy