RZA Divulges Inside Info on “Iron Fists” Via Tumblr

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Anyone familiar with the Wu Tang Clan knows that the hip-hop conglomerate was fundamentally influenced by the art of Kung-Fu and the many films that display the intricate fighting style. What fans of the their music may not know is that the same inspiration that led to the creation of the super group also resulted in the new film “The Man with the Iron Fists,” from writer-director RZA.

The respected rapper-producer waxes poetic on what classic martial arts movies had the biggest impact on his flick and more in a dedicated Tumblr page, called “RZA’s Iron Fists,” and we’ve collected a few clips from the bountiful account for your viewing pleasure below. If they aren’t enough to sate your appetite for “The Man with the Iron Fists,” check out the page here.

In this clip, RZA discuss the awesomeness of the classic kung-fu flick “Seven Grandmasters” and its influence on his work.

In this clip, RZA talks about the origins of Russell Crowe’s character Jack Knife, and what he says will likely strike a chord with hip-hop fans.

In this clip, RZA explains the film’s tagline and how it stays true to the essence of kung fu.