Same-Sex Kappa Marriage Sparks Controversy

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A YouTube video of a September wedding between a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and his groom has gone viral, sparking some unpleasant commentary. As of writing this, the video, entitled “Robert + Nathanael 9.8.12″ has received 140k+ views, 1,991 “likes” and 102 “dislikes.” But for those who chose to not like the images presented in the clip, which consisted of a series of crisp photographic stills depicting the elaborate wedding ceremony in Lexington, Kentucky, things turned ugly.

“Well geez, most of the comments support this union on the basis that they are in love, so whats wrong with me and my sister getting married if we are in love too?” wrote commenter, Lenny Sharke. Another commenter, who chose to remain anonymous, wrote, “Ugh! I’m telling you we (strong, steadfast Christians) are a minority.” Ultimately, the vast majority of the comments and reactions under the video appear to be positive, supportive and congratulatory. You can take a look at the video yourself HERE or below and let us know what you think! Is the Black community ready to champion same-sex marriage the way that President Obama has intended? Or did this video go viral because of the fear of homosexuals?

Props: The Grio