Sandy Postpones Halloween


Hurricane Sandy seems to have passed, and as much of the East Coast cleans up, they may not be able to dress up tomorrow night.

The New York Halloween Parade has been cancelled for the first time in nearly 40 years, as New York struggles to rebound from massive flooding caused by Sandy.

However, the New York Marathon on Sunday looks good to go, although runners may have to dodge some fallen tree branches on the way. It remains to be seen if people downtown will have the electricity to watch the race on TV.

In politics, Mitt Romney held a campaign rally “storm relief event” in the key battleground state of Ohio today, despite vowing to suspend his campaign in wake of the hurricane disaster. Meanwhile, President Obama worked to get the country back up and running. Hopefully voters will remember this come next Tuesday.

In sports, the NFL moved the trading deadline back to Thursday, to give teams an extra two days to wheel and deal. However, the brand new Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, home of the newly arrived Brooklyn Nets, may not be ready for the big Knicks-Nets opener on Thursday.