Shailene Woodley “Top Choice” To Play Mary Jane In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Sequel

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With the success of recent Spidey reboot The Amazing Spider-Man, a sequel was bound to be greenlit. Now, it’s looking like Peter Parker’s redhead fixation Mary Jane Watson is close to being filled for the next film.

The Hollywood Reporter says that The Descendants actress Shailene Woodley is the top choice to star in the iconic role, previously played by Kirsten Dunst in the Tobey Maguire-led Spider-Man trilogy.

While details are still in pre-production mode, Columbia is finalizing deals with Marc Webb to return to the director’s chair, Andrew Garfield to suit up again, and Emma Stone to return as Gwen Stacy.

UPROXX had a few choice opinions on the direction of the Amazing Spider-Man reboot, the details involving the plot, and a great theory on where Gwen Stacy’s fate should end up in the sequel (think: Black Cat).

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