So Ambitious: Tara Razavi


You could say Tara is a class act. That is, if rap videos are the curriculum.

Founding production company Happy Place in 2008–after years of whimsical trial-and-error jobs at record labels, in television and in film–the Persian first-gen American carved out a niche that has afforded her the opportunity to work with the biz’s top-tier clientele. Her hip-hop heavy résumé boasts work with award-winning pop star Jennifer Lopez (“On The Floor”), rap hitmaker Rick Ross, street politician Young Jeezy and, most recently, soul’s native son Frank Ocean (“Pyramids”) and crowned R&B king Usher (“Dive In”). She speaks highly of the Ocean’s counterparts, as well, doting specifically on Odd Future frontman Tyler the Creator’s heightened sense of creativity: “They’re amazing. I can’t say enough good things about them. Tyler is a genius in his own right in so many ways. The amount of comfort and confident he has. He can walk in a room with President Obama, dap him up and say whatever comes to his mind.”

How exactly did the “Pyramids”-producer get familiar with the right side of the velvet rope? By keeping cool on the party scene. The Sagittarius-born beauty ditched the rigid law school route–to the chagrin of her Iranian folks–and became a full-time student of the music industry. Though it’s easy to overdose on the fast life, she zeroed in on the blueprint of success. “People were in my ear like, ‘You need to network, you need to go to parties,’ but for me, it was all about the work.”

Trust, while she was buried under the rules and regulations of her business-minded mentors, she was double majoring in fashion, finding joy in effortless, high end style.

Albeit having to flex her bark and a little bite from time to time, it’s clear this leading lady has found her rightful happy place. —Niki McGloster

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