Social Media Bullying May Have Caused Teen to Commit Suicide


Call it a post-mortum case of “mean girls.” Even after the death of Amanda Todd, bullies continue to post messages poking fun at the Port Coquitlam teen’s death on her memorial Facebook pages.

Todd, 15, was found dead in her home on Wednesday (Oct. 10). Preliminary reports from the B.C. Coroners Service say they believed she committed suicide. She had been the victim of bullying since the seventh grade, when the a man forced the teen to post a topless photo of herself online.

Her social sites also seem to indicate that it wasn’t her first attempt at suicide. In a YouTube video, Todd recounts that classmates would tell her “nobody likes you,” and punch her. After learning about her first suicide attempt, Todd says classmates wrote online, “I hope she’s dead.”

Two “R.I.P. Amanda Todd” pages, which surged with over a million likes on Facebook by Saturday night, were filled with a mix of condolences and hate messages, The Star reports.

One picture shows the image of a female body hanging dead along with the mocking phrase: “Todding.” So far, no charges have been filed against e-bullies though RCMP Sergeant Peter Thiessen says police are aware of the Facebook posts.

“We are looking at what transpired in regards to Amanda, what transpired on social media, what transpired face to face, who may have had contact with her in that regard, and whether there’s evidence to support any sort of criminal charge to any person or persons who may have had an impact in the type of decision Amanda made,” he said, pointing out that over 20 investigators are working on the case.

Thiessen adds that police are asking users to stop posting inappropriate and hurtful comments and images that continue to affect the Todd family and others.

Watch the heartbreaking video from Todd before her death below.